There has been a sharp rise in real estate in Ghana since 2000, especially in the area of housing. This is
attributed to the fact that the savvy investors are paying more attention to Africa, where the retail and residential property market is growing rapidly and dynamically in the face of instability of world economic growth.

This new surge in real estate development,  specifically in Accra, Ghana has created an avenue for investment and returns. Yes that’s right!, if you invest in real estate (especially in high end real estate) and you play your cards right, you could generate a lot of money. Real estate can be the best traditional investment one could ever make, and here are but a few of the reasons why:

1. Real estate generates higher yields thereby outperforming equities.

2. Most people feel more in control of their investment as they can see and touch their investment

3. People will always need accommodation, and expatriates and foreign investors will always come and go and will need a place to live while conducting business in the country, so even in a recession the housing industry remains the least affected as compared to other sectors like the stock market.

Watch this space for more information on real estate and housing trends in Ghana.

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Real Estate/Housing Industry Heating up in Ghana



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