Did you know your surroundings may be influencing your emotions and state of mind? Do you ever notice that certain places especially irritate you? Or that certain places are especially relaxing and calming? What if I told you that the colours in those spaces play a part in these reactions?

Researchers and experts have made a few important discoveries and observations about the psychology of color and the effect it has on our moods, feelings, and behaviours. According to them, colour could cause a notable change in blood pressure and body temperature and can even alter our perception of space and distance. This means that certain colours (Brighter colours like yellow or even white) can make your room appear more spacious than it actually is. Colour also has a marked influence even on our appetite. Interesting right?

More compelling evidence which proves that there is more to colour than just aesthetics lies in the expressions we use all too often to describe our emotions, like ‘Seeing red’ (angry), ‘feeling blue’ (calm or sad), ‘green with envy’ (envious or jealous). There’s no denying that color and our mood are are directly linked.

The fact is that People spend majority of their time either at work or at home. But we have more control over the decor in our homes right? If that is the case, you might want to pay particular attention to the colours you paint and decorate the rooms in your home with.

If you’re planning on re-painting your walls or redecorating a house or room, you might want to consider some of these suggestions:

Red is good in the kitchen and dining room as it increases the appetite but at the same time Sitting for long periods of time in a room painted in this color could also make people feel anxious and angry.

Yellow or Orange are lively, welcoming colours so they would be perfect in entranceways and family rooms.

Pale blue or soft green are great bedroom colours as they have a calming effect. blue is typically a calming and serene color, said to decrease respiration and lower blood pressure. And the color green is said to be less strainful on your eye muscles. The bedroom is a great place to use these colors as they should help you relax.But at the same time, Blue and green can also call to mind feelings of sadness or indifference, depending on the shade used.

So now you know what to do to reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety. Go for it!

Written by: Daphne Amarkai Quayson

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