Have you stayed in the same house for a long time? Are you tired and bored with your house because you keep seeing the same wall colours and furniture all the time? Are you looking to bring the spark back into your home but you fear it will be too expensive?

Here are 5 simple ways you could revamp your home to give it a new look without spending too much:


  1. De-clutter : Get rid of all the things you have not used in a long time. Are you still keeping those plastic baskets you got as a gift from that engagement ceremony even though you never use them? How about those shoes you never wear because they have become too tight? Or the cookbooks, old wedding invitations and order of service from funerals you have piled up but will never use again? Or the clothes that you or your children haven’t worn in years because you have either outgrown them or they are worn out? Why not give them out to others, sell or throw them away? Human as we are, we have the tendency to hang on to old things for sentimental reasons thereby creating clutter. In my opinion, if you have not used it in six months, you do not need it. Get rid of it.


  1. Re arrange the furniture: If you cannot afford to buy new furniture, do not worry, Move the old furniture around in the hall, change their positions to give your hall a different look. Why not get rid of that room divider that is taking up so much space and replace with a small television stand, a cupboard or a table for the television and its related appliances? Or better still why not hang the flat screen television on the wall? You could also change the fabric of the cushion cover or drape the old chairs with new decorative coverings to give it a new look._MG_9055


  1. Give your home a good paint work: Did you know that certain colours can determine your mood? Yes, some colours could dampen your mood whilst others can lift your spirits. Make good use of the internet to find the best indoor colours. The customer service persons at the paint companies also come in handy with their palettes that have an array of colours to choose from. Carefully choose some fresh colours for the hall.  Go for bright and refreshing indoor colours that will bring a smile to your face each time you step into your home and choose a calming colour for the bedroom. And do not forget to paint the ceiling. It will surprise you what a difference that will make in your home.


  1. Floral arrangements: In Ghana most people grow flowers in their homes if you do, bring some fresh flowers from your garden. Get a simple cup or a vase and make your own floral arrangement. More often than not, The simplest arrangements are the most beautiful ones.ikea_simple_floral_arrangement

5.Change your door handles and knobs: the gold, brass or silver colours of the door handles and kitchen cabinet handles may have faded by now. Invest a little money into buying new ones to replace them, and see the difference it makes.





These suggestions will leave your home looking new, spacious and different. Go ahead and breath life into your old home.


Writer: Daphne Amarkai Quayson.

Sales and marketing officer, Emerald Properties.

This article was first published in the June 9th  2016 edition of the Business Finder Newspaper.

5 simple ways to give your home a facelift on a low budget



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